Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fly Dressings for Meeting Tuesday 1st February

John will be demonstrating the following flies at the meeting. For those who would like to tie these patterns and/or Buzzer patterns from the last meeting, please bring your tying gear along.

Black Magic-Peacock Spider

Hook-#14 wet fly
Silk Black
Abdomen Tying silk
Under-thorax Fine copper wire
Thorax-Peacock herl
Hackle Short-fibred black hen
Head- Tying silk

Snipe and Purple

Hook-#14 wet fly
Silk Purple
Abdomen-Tying silk
Hackle-Marginal coverts from a snipes wing
Head- Tying silk

Don't worry if you are short of tools or materials as they can be provided in some circumstances. Tips, advice and assistance with tying techniques will be available on the night.

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