Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mike Roden: Tackle Talk

We had some some great banter with APGIA Fly Fishing instructor Mike Roden ,we discussed the complex world of Fly fishing tackle with the overwhelming choices we face when looking for new gear to suit our fishing requirements. Mikes Website address is

Below: Some indicators that Mike showed us can be made very cheaply at home. Indicators continue to be a hot potato in fly fishing and yet I think the majority of the members would agree that they can be a useful aid on both still waters and rivers.

Improving our rivers through fishing.

A presentation was  given by one of our members Mike Duddy of  Salford Friendly Anglers Society. Mike is very passionate about restoring the the rivers around the Greater Manchester area to their former glory. Lots of interesting things going on concerning the river Irwell and its smaller cousins.

As you can see the Irwell has some great fishing If only we could get all of the Irwell and surrounding tributaries healthy enough to support a good population of fly and other wildlife and of course great fish!

If you would like more information on this check out their website.

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