Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A day on the Ure with Stuart Crofts.

We started out very early with a long drive to the wrong side of the country to fish the Ure near Masham. Stuart Crofts was to be our guide and Mentor and he met us as we contemplated the day ahead over a hearty breakfast.
A cool easterly wind greeted us as we approached the river, swirling around in the Ure valley. The fish were rising confidently in the the bright sunlight but they weren't going to take just any old fly and to be fair we all struggled that morning. After lunch Stuart provided us with a fantastic bug identification session looking at the different nymphs to be found and what they turn into.

 "Don't be too hasty- let the river invite you in first!", wise words.

Hawthorns, in the mood for love.

Mike taking a closer look through this great river side microscope. 

Rhyacophilidae larva

A large Olive just hatched from it's shuck.

Brook Dun nymphs

Lots of beetles being blown onto the water by the keen easterly breeze.

A nice river Ure Brownie, fin perfect with a buttery belly!

Between us we caught eighteen fish up to a pound or so.

The boys, kicking back and taking five from their tough fishing regimen! 

What more can be said, apart from a big thanks to Stuart for a great day that will remain in our memories for a long time. We just hope that the tips and knowledge we gained will not only improve our fishing but will also enhance the richness of a day by the river looking through Stuart's eyes.

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  1. Awesome pics of the bugs! I used your pic to develop a brooks dun nymph. You got a new follower