Sunday, 4 September 2011

A sunnier day than expected at Barnsfold

If anything the weather was too good!  when the sun did disappear behind a cloud a slight breeze came on and the fish started rising to to the multitude of different fly species that continually hatched off, or blew onto the water through out the day. Because of the changing light fish were caught on a multitude of different flies at different depths that produced a great days fishing as per usual.

One of the many large terrestrials being blown onto the water for the waiting trout to gorge on.

Small Buzzers were the preferred fly for Phil which caught him plenty of fish.

Nice sized, hard fighting Rainbow...............

...........after Rainbow put a good bend in your rod and a big smile on your face!

This is the prototype for the BFT membership badge as modeled by one of our members, below. Oh and I know you won't believe it but it also catches fish!

Bob takes another a nice big Rainbow. Is that an, 'Orange Blob',  Bob?

Lunch time and time to talk tactics.

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