Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Curley's Fishery BFT Comp

Bright and cold was the order of the day at Curley's and even gloved hands soon turned to blocks of ice! The best compensation was the on site Cafe offering great coffee and even better grub. We had a good turn out from members despite the cool temperature. Many of us casting our first line for the season techniques were varied to put it politely, and not helped by the bitting breeze. Persistence managed to secure a fish a piece for Dave and Bob. Interestingly these were the only two fisherman that at the start of the day had their photos taken! Pictures are available at the next venue on request at £5 each!!
Author: Lloyd Stephens, BFT.

Fist view of the fishery.

Bob, on form, in the groove.

The dam wall. 

A Kestrel, hovering above the dam wall almost motionless before swooping down on unsuspecting  prey.

Theories were discussed as to reasons for the lack of catches bearing in mind how well the fishery has been fishing lately. We came upon a reasons including the cold snap putting fish off feeding, the bright sun putting them down deep. Amongst these excuses however no consideration was made to our fishing abilities!!

Thanks to Mike Roden, Fishery Manager and his team for looking after us. We will be attending the Curley's open day on the weekend of 17th & 18th March.

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