Monday, 20 February 2012

Jeremy Lucas - Tuesday 21st February Demonstration

Jeremy Lucas provided us with a fantastic presentation at Tuesdays Fly tying night. This consisted of what Jeremy refers to as the "Presentation leader to hand", technique. All aspects of this were covered including:
- Fly Presentation
- Presentation leader makeup
- Tying the flies using these methods for this fishing style.

Jeremy believes that this method as a fishing system changes everything, in terms of tackle and technique with a fly. It was explained that by using this way of fishing flies with either nymphs, spiders or dry fly,  fish are far less likely to be spooked as a result of clumsy fly lines impacting on the waters surface.

Undoubtedly this system requires a relatively large leap of faith to the uninitiated. Never the less Jeremy displays an enthusiasm and confidence that is infectious and that perhaps we should learn from. The willingness to improve our fishing style by continuing to develop and adapt our techniques will surely always be the way forward for sport and leisure fishermen alike.
Author: Lloyd Stephens, BFT.

Jeremy tying his,  'plume tip dry'

Checking out the presentation leader setup.

Some quill bodied spiders tied with dyed Polish quills.

the cross legged PTN!

Photos by: Lloyd Stephens & Dave Vickery.
For more information about the leader to hand system, go to Jeremy Lucas website at

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