Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Karl Humphries Stillwater patterns

Karl Humphries was given the remit to tie some stillwater patterns for us and he certainly rose to our challenge! Karl has a raft of experience being Fishery Manager to many a still water locations from the biggest such as Carsington through to small still waters such as Westlowe Mere. Karl told us that his patterns have been created a result of his thoughts. This has produced patterns that put a different twist on existing patterns in a way that makes them appear better to

Bullet head fry. 

Caddis pattern

CDC puff Suspended Buzzer

Buzzer Variation

Prince Nymph 1

Prince Nymph 2

Pictures by Dave Vickery, BFT.
I am sure I share the same opinion as most on the night that these patterns were fascinating to watch being tied, not quite sure of what to expect as the end result. This was often unexpected and ingenious, as shown by the above pictures of the flies tied on the night.

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