Saturday, 15 September 2012

Paul Proctor demo - 2nd October

Despite diabolical football traffic and parking problems on the night, Paul Proctors demo kicked off as per plan. Paul did not disappoint as always his flies were practical, precise and wonderfully tied. The theme we asked for was met to the letter with a variety of wet, dry and nymphs that you could confidently & conclusively fish to catch Grayling from now on until the trout season and beyond. Paul as requested also shared some tips about fishing techniques for success & better catches.

Czech Nymph to get down deep

The false pheasant tail in pink!

Nymph with biot ribbing effect.

The generic dry!

The perfect clink.

CDC and hackle for those midge hatches.

Paul's snip & purple varient.

Shrimp with orange parasite.

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