Friday, 14 September 2012

Coniston Lake - Sunday 16th September.

Lovely place! Beautiful surrounds, very friendly helpful staff in the hotel reception where you buy the fishing tickets. The lake is set in a 1400 acres slice of the Dales including Conisotn Hall & surrounding gardens that enhance the fishing experience.

As for the fishing. Well it was probably not the best day to fish and the lake was very weedy. Bob did managed to winkle out a nice rainbow as per usual with his best method and flies!

Unfortunately the weather closed in after lunch and conditions deteriorated rapidly. Time for a nice drink in the very nice hotel bar/restaurant and then home.

I think Im going to give up fishing and start writing reviews for hotels!

Many thanks to Jim Johnson one of our members for the venue recommendation.

The killer cast!

Lovely boat house, Handy to shelter in in wet weather!



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