Friday, 19 October 2012

Raygill Sunday 21st October

The day started off cold and clear in the deep quarry lake at Raygill. Regular rises from fish looked very promising. Our enthusiasm however weaned after several hours of trying everything in our fly boxes to attract the constant rising rainbows and blues. Some off us eventually managed to get a few out on hairs ear nymphs/ buzzes suspended under a floating fly or indicator on fine tippets that really made playing these hard fighting beasts a real challenge. 

Despite a number of us blanking, most commented of having a great day in the   gorgeous Autumn sun that blessed us all day long and eventually lit up the water in the quarry sending the rising fish back down into the depths and it was game over!
Good view!
very popular venue for time of year!

Mike with a typical a hard fighting good conditioned Rainbow

The boats fished well allowing the real clonkers on the quarry wall side to be reached.

The result of a organized well educated mind....

....and then theres my box! They caught fish though suspended under a clink.

Go deep and strip or float and static? It was hard to decide

Fish were very close in to the bank at times.

A perfect imitation of what fly's were hatching off.

Its Christmas already?!!!!!

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