Monday, 19 November 2012

From Fly to Reel, Tony Riley talk - 20th November 2012

From Reel to Fly.

A demo with a difference is definitely what Tony Riley delivered on the night. First off was a fascinating look at what goes in to making good quality, modern fly lines suitable for all types of fishing situations. We were shown everything from the materials, skills and equipment that are required for the very technical and precise process. It certainly made you appreciate a little bit more or rather wince a little less at the price perhaps when needing to buy one next time!

A look at Tony's rods reels lines & leader outfits was certainly an eye opener to what makes a perfect well presented fly, from the but of the rod to the tip of the tippet was talked about with great tips on rod selection for different fishing situations, appropriate reels & the right line to use and where. An in-depth technical insight was given into leader construction with the right tapper and connections. All this to give you the very best odds possible to achieve that all important take.

All in all this was a very different and unique presentation and one which was very informative and entertaining.

looped line ends formed by stripping the outer line coating , whipping and coating with  a waterproofing  agent.

Well tied Medicine fly comp entries-results to follow.

Some different indicators made from old floating fly line.

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