Friday, 19 April 2013

Andy Smith - 'PIke on the Fly' demo

Andy Smith is Manger of the G.Loomis pro team and I am sure is a great inspiration to everyone he meets. Andy's enthusiasm alone was more than enough to give us an insight into the addictive appeal for fishing for pike on the fly. Everything was covered in great details from the rods, reels, leaders and flies to use to get started.

Although Andy promotes all types of fly fishing he says that, "The biggest danger I have found from taking pike on the fly, is that it maybe quite some time before you go trout fishing again" think there are a good few of us who wouldn't mind giving it a try. Yet again another great night with something completely different was had by all.

Andy says this is a small one. Thats about the size of the grayling I loose!
Perfect perch imitation.
Artificial materials are lighter because they expel water better than natural fur & feathers.
More natural looking patterns are sometimes the way the pike like it.

Orange can be a great colour for pike at times.

Its all about movement a flash of colour and a bit of sparkle.
Jack pike imitation
Good for perch and chub also!
Andy said big rods and reels are advisable. Not just for playing the fish but also casting the big heavy flies.
Materials used by John for leaders including a good quality knotable wire for traces. 
John proudly shows he biggest pike seen close to the Douglas!!!
Redecoration of out normal room left us down in the bar which created a cosy evening for all!
Our own Andy from BFT did a great job of demonstrating some nice pike quick ties.
Marabou pike streamer
Potmore lighting
Marabou head pike bunny, (makes a great frog).
Orange flashtail whistler

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