Monday, 27 May 2013

Tenkara Day

After a very successful demo by Mike Roden from Tenkara Centre UK at our club, a number of us wanted to take it to the next level with full instruction on the water. The River Eden at Kirkby Steven was the perfect venue to learn the fundamentals of this technique and put some of that newly gained knowledge into practice.

Tenkara, like many fishing styles can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it, but being of Japanese in origin this is taken to the enth degree with beautifully executed techniques, tackle and flies that are almost at complete opposites to western styles of fishing with a fly.

Mikes fantastic instruction provided a perfect opening into a new fishing world to be explored by the student who will begin a journey of discovery that provides perfect delicate presentation of a fly that does not spook fish and simulates the natural movement of the insect rather than just matching the hatch.

If you would like to experience the art of Tenkara contact Mike Roden at
Bright but a bit blustery was the weather theme for the day.

Small but perfectly formed and taken in the fast current.

Don't they look happy and contented with newly learned Tenkara skills. And they caught!

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