Monday, 11 November 2013

Tenkara Flies Demo Tuesday 19th November

Tenkara is a rapidly growing to become a very effective method for increasingly more flyfisherman in this country. Tenkara like many forms of fishing is a huge subject that can take a lifetime or more to fully master.

Most of us use standard western style flies for Tenkara but many are starting to explore the traditional Japanese patterns to great effect. Experienced Instructor and Director of Tenkara Centre UK, Mike Roden demonstrated some of the Tenkara fly patterns to the club on Tuesday 19th November.

During the demo Mike explained that that the fly in Tenkara is not seen as vital as perhaps in standard western flies with regards to matching the hatch or even the attention to detail with which they are tied.
This approach is apparently echoed by Tenkara master Dr Hisao Ishigaki.
Some of the Tenkara and successful western variant Sakasa Kebari, (Reverse hackle) flies that Mike demonstrated included:

1. Pheasant tail Spider kabari (Pheasant tail body) partridge hackle.

2. Western style fur bodied variant example of a traditional silk eyed versions of a fur body fly (hare fur body, coppeer rib. Patridge hackle).

3. Amano (Olive, green or black silk body. Game hackle)

4.Takayama (thread body in various colours to suit. Soft game hackle.)

5. Ishigacki (Thread black, grey, green. Cock hackle such as cocybondu).

Some of the Tenaka hooks in spade end, (more for silk eye flies and western style eye) sizes 2 (14) to 6 (10) equivalent.

 It was interesting listening to some of the discussions amongst members of the audience. The Tenkara style of fishing is definitely does seem to be generating increasing interest and participance, this was reflected by the good attendance to the evening. Like most forms of fly fishing there is undoubtedly a fierce debate about Tenkara and how its fits with more traditional Western style flyfishing practices. I am sure this debate like most will continue to rage for a very long time.

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