Monday, 3 March 2014

Dave Ridding 18th March - 'Winging Techniques for Trout Flies'

It was clear from Dave's demo that winging techniques have remained a part of popular fly patterns since creation of fly fishing. Dave demonstrated different winging techniques using wings from game birds such as a waterhen, starling and teal. The secret to a good wing Dave explained is all down to those first few tread wraps. The wing is held between thumb and forefinger, pushed forward slightly so it lies flat on the hook shank and a few gentle turns of thread to secure in place.

Muskrat underbody ideal colour and texture used for dubbing.

Fly tied with early wing technique (Waterhen wing)

Fly competition entries standard was high
Fly comp winners flies

Brown owl spider variant with dubbed stripped peacock herl head.

Mallard wing
Loop wing
Peter Ross (Teal wing)
Advanced wing
Wing tied with coloured quill slips cut with nail clippers.

Sedge (varnished breast feather wing)
Artificial wings

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