Sunday, 27 April 2014

Entomology Evening - Tuesday 6th May

Tony provided fresh river kick samples for the evening so that members could come and brush up on their entomology skills. It was interesting to to observe the different variations in colour and size of nyphms which we further identified into their various sub-species with the aid of reference guides. As well as the expected there were one or two surprises that were not obvious at first with regards identification. We may not have been completely correct with them all and much is based on local knowledge of observed mayfly species and a small microscope. Basis identification is certainly very useful in terms of being able to link nymph with adult etc. 
Sorting out the bugs from the weed stage!
Heptageniidae (False March Brown?)

Baetidae (Large Dark Olive & Pale Watery?)
Ephemerellidae (Blue winged olive)
1. Cased Caddis?................
2. ................No it was a buzzer in weed!

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