Thursday, 3 July 2014

John Tyzack Demonstration, "The importance of the fly in fly fishing and fly tying" - Tuesday 15th July

John Tyzack's presentation was very thought provoking and a real insight into the mind of a professional competition flyfisher. John explained in detail the importance of, "the right fly, in the right place at the right time and fished the right way". A very valuable lesson and just a few of JT's wise words that undoubtedly will enhance the catch rate of any angler!

To top off the evening John demonstrated his, 'six of the best' for this season with a special emphasis on caddis flies.

BFT fly comp fly 1
BFT fly comp 2. Both flies make Bob the outright winner!
The master in action!
Egg laying sedge.
floating Sedge with bleached elk wing, ideal for skating across  the surface close to dusk.
nymph on a jig hook, again with CDC hackle common on Eastern European patterns.  
Red tag nymph with CDC hackle to really bring the fly to life!
Sedge Pupae with bright green glister dub. 
F-Terrestial, great to temp any fish under tree lined pools.

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