Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Dave Ridding fly tying demo "Traditional Wet Flies" 7th April 2015

Dave Ridding demonstrated his some of his favourite traditional wet fly patterns for us that despite being around for hundreds of years still catch plenty of fish.

 Dave continues to write articles for several fly tying magazines as well as tying professionally, providing flies for numerous customers. His tying creations include a full range of top quality flies, from salmon & sea trout through to traditional wet and dry patterns. Often Dave's flies are tied in a way that enhances/ improves on the original tying to maximize the patterns attraction to the fish.

Flies tied:

Greenwells Glory
Hackles: Greenwells cock
Tail: Greenwels fibers
Rib: Gild wire
Wings: Starling (Underwing feathers to copy landrail)
March Brown (Pritt)
Hook: 10
Tail: English Partridge fibres
Body: rabbit fur
Wings: Partridge feathers, (tied back to back -strip bottom fibers and pull stems through turns of thread until the wing is sized correctly

Partridge & Orange
Body: Orange silk
Hackle: Partridge feather , (tied in by the tip)
Bind doen feather quill onto hook to create a tapered body.
A ginger cock hackle should be used behind the Partridge hackle if fishing across & down to prevent the hackle collapsing.

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