Friday, 13 March 2015

Louis Noble "How to Catch a Grayling" - Tuesday 17th March 2015

Louis Noble provided a very good educational demonstration for us on Tuesday 17th March. The focus of the presentation was on tried and tested traditional flies and methods for Grayling fishing. Louis demonstrated the tying of flies inspired by Bradshaw and provide us with two original flies tied by the late great Reg Righyni, the "SAGE & Treacle Parkin"

S.A.G.E (Salmon Approved Grayling Enticer!)
Treacle Parkin
The Grayling bible!


 Grayling Steel Blue - emerger
hook: s20 or 22 Klinkhamer extreme
thread: pale orange
tag fine flat silver
abdomen: 1 strand green Peacock Sword, ribbed fine gold wire
thorax: Micro Brite Plus Orange (Veniard)
Hackle: medium Blue Dun cock
wing: EP Trigger Point, Dark Dun, or medium grey yarn

Bradshaw’s Fancy  original- dry or wet 
hook: size 18-14 (16 best)
thread: purple
tag: fine red floss at tail & eye
body: bronze Peacock herl, ribbed purple silk/floss
Hackle: light Blue Dun cock or hen
Head: 2 turns peacock herl

Universal Baetis Duck’s Dun.
Hook: standard dry fly, s16 or 14
Thread: dark olive 8/0 – 14/0
Tail: dark brown cock hackle fibres
Body: butt – Fly-Rite #17 Golden Brown dubbing
            remainder and thorax – Fly-rite #42 Dark Olive Brown
Rib:  Pearsall Gossamer silk 6a, orange gold
Wing: 3/4 natural CDC plume tips, tied fairly flat
Hackle: over thorax – medium dun (short in the web), trimmed at bottom

 Louis in the second half of his presentation talked about the technique of trotting for Grayling and explained how effective this can be with relatively inexpensive gear.

Centre pins reels provide perfect float presentation.
Fine strong braid.

An original fluted float made from piano wire and balsa wood
Tricks of the trade!

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