Sunday, 30 August 2015

Knottallow Tarn Trip

.........Wild, windy and full and hard fighting, fin perfect beautiful brown trout! How to they do it? The four of us arrived at the tarn to wind and rain and dampened expectations. The returns book looked promising although there were some well know professional fishing names amongst them.

If you could get your line through the wind into the water and far enough out which we did eventually the fish were there for the taking. The first two came only after about 15 minuets of fishing and fell to a Bibio and pink headed black nymph. Other fish were taken on similar patterns including traditional wets such as the dunkheld. Being Bank-holiday weekend we fully expected a crowd. To our surprise we did not see another soul apart form a farmer herding his sheep.

Between us we ened up with 6 fish to show for our hard work and retired to Rusland Pool to celebrate another grate day at this fantastic venue.


.......30 secs later sun!

Where the fish seemed to be feeding the most today

Getting windier!

Brownie No1

The intrepid determined team!

Brownie No2

What we should have fished with!

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